A Message From The Chef

On October 31st, 2018 I raised $1,000 towards the purchases of a food service van. The goal being to launch a non profit food drive big enough to tackle Oahu’s rising homelessness. When a person is homeless, preparing a nutritious cooked meal to start and end a good day is nearly impossible. My goal is to provide exactly that for the men women and children in need of it most. Being in the culinary industry I see this as an opportunity to share apart of my love and support through food.

Alyssa Smith

Alyssa Smith

Non-Profit Events


Freshoverflesh, 7VegansHi, and Surfer’s wife Kitchen teamed up and donated food to feed over 120+ people!


This was Oahu’s first ever sold out event fundraiser for animals! All proceeds went to benefit the sanctuary !


Another Fundraiser but this time at the Bayer Estate... over 130 Tickets Sold ! Chef Alyssa Smith cultivated an entire Jamaican themed catering for the guest. All ticket sale proceeds went to benefit the sanctuary.


Chinatown Safety Summit

Chef Alyssa serving up jackfruit  burritos,  rice, and beans in the coolest pants ever!


Chinatown Saftey Summit

First timer eating jackfruit... she couldn’t believe it was all vegan! As you can see she loved it !